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    Get Organized

    Houzz Pro helps pros stay organized

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    Houzz Pro helps pros take on more projects

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    Houzz Pro helps pros communicate better with clients

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The perks of generating contractor job leads with Houzz Pro

Unlike other general contractor lead generation sites, Houzz Pro offers a flat rate instead of making you pay per lead. This is just one way we commit to prioritizing quality over quantity.


Make real-time connections with general contractor leads

Our concierge team phone screens contractor leads and connects you directly by phone for the initial discussion.


A front desk extension of your business

We confirm budgets, contact information and make sure contractor sales leads are serious.


Build relationships with contractor leads virtually

Discuss projects from the convenience of your home while building relationships face-to-face virtually. Let contractor job leads book a video meeting with you directly from your profile or your directory listing. Or, share your personal meeting link in email or social media.

• Offer free or paid video consultations
• Availability is pulled from your calendar
• Both you and the client receive scheduling invites

Boost your directory listing

Houzz is the #1 site general contractor project leads browse when looking for inspiration or help for their next home improvement project. With a Premium Profile, you can get in front of the clients you actually want to work with.


Confidence at-a-glance

Stand out with a Verified License Badge on your Premium Profile. It'll let homeowners know right away that your business is licensed by state industry experts.


Up your business credibility

Verified pros receive 35% more inquiries than pros that don't. Why not add credibility to your company name?


Manage your reputation

We'll help you grow and manage reviews on the #1 site and app for renovating homeowners.


Send review requests

Streamline review requests with our templates, and use our integration tools to send out new review requests.


Put your reviews in the spotlight

Reviews automatically appear on your Houzz profile, your Houzz-built website, and in our widget. Get ready to boost your business credibility even more!


Keep your finger on the pulse

Get notified when you get new reviews, and easily respond publicly to strengthen your brand and reputation.


Highlight what makes your business unique

Help contractor sales leads understand what sets your business apart. Standouts are selected tags that appear on your directory listing. Choose from standouts like:

• Family-owned
• Available evenings or weekends
• Fluent in Spanish
• Eco-friendly
• Offers online consultations

Advertise at no added cost

Millions of contractor leads come to Houzz each month to find pros like you for their home renovation projects. Houzz Pro's targeted advertising services help you reach upscale, hiring homeowners in the areas you want most.

“Shortly after signing up for Houzz we received our first lead and found it smooth to get in touch with them and set up a meeting. After we closed that job, we expanded our exposure with Houzz and received more high-quality leads. Since we have gotten great leads from Houzz, we have reduced and even cancelled other marketing methods. We also love the Concierge service to make it even easier to connect with potential customers. Houzz is helping us expand and establish our business.”

More automation. Less duplication.

Farewell, manual errors. See ya, double-entry. Sync with a lot of the tools you already use so you can skip the extra work and simplify your workflow.


Built-in expert support.

The Houzz Pro client services team is committed to your success. We understand your business and will help you to get the most out of our general contractor lead generation services. Feel free to chat with us! We offer a lot of ways to connect:


Chat with Our Online Team

Get real time support.


Shoot us an Email

Send us a message at your convenience!


Call Our Support Team*

Give us a ring anytime between 6 a.m. - 5 p.m. PST Monday through Friday at (888) 460-6011


Specialists on Staff*

Need a walkthrough? Our dedicated customer service reps specialize in getting you set up for success.


Stevie Award Winner

Award-winning customer service, at your service.

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