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When you sign up for a subscription of Houzz Pro's electrical contractor software, you get a Premium Profile on the #1 most used site by homeowners planning for residential home projects. Show up prominently in the Find Pros directory when they search for electricians in your area.


Electrician management software that amplifies your online reach

If you're the electrician who doesn't have time for website creation or maintenance, our electrician management software is for you. Our team of web design experts will build you a custom website when you sign up for Houzz Pro. After defining what makes your business special we'll purchase your domain, cover hosting costs and create an impressive website design that converts. Optimized for both mobile and SEO, online visitors will be able to easily find you during the search for their next electrician.


Sparks will fly when you try takeoffs with Houzz Pro

No more wasting time with manual measuring, calculations and making costly errors. With Houzz Pro electrical contractor software, you can take off up to 10x faster and with greater accuracy. Measure plans on-screen in minutes instead of hours, so you can bid faster and win more jobs. With our dynamic tool, you’ll be able to turn your takeoffs into estimates in just a few clicks.


Speed up your estimating circuit

Houzz Pro electrical contracting software has a built-in estimate builder that takes you from takeoffs to professional estimate in no time. Create your own estimate template or choose from our range of options. Use our database to conveniently add local labor and material costs. Customize with your branding and logo, add markups, local taxes, then send to your client and track approval. You’re even able to send estimates on the go with our full-feature mobile app!


Quickly recalibrate budgets and estimates

When you're at the job site, things can come up that require you to deviate from your initial estimate or budget. With Houzz Pro, these inconveniences are mere bumps in the road thanks to our change order feature. From your phone, tablet your computer, it's fast to generate a change order and ensure you'll get reimbursed for every last hour of labor and piece of material. Our electrician job management software will always have your back when things don't go as planned.


Illuminate progress for clients

As an electrician, you know that projects can often be complex and ever-changing. Houzz Pro electrical contractor management software helps you effortlessly communicate with your clients through our convenient client dashboard. Keep clients updated about project status, send messages, share your project schedule, daily logs, photos, files and more. Houzz Pro helps you make clients happy with consistent, centralized communication while freeing up your time to stay focused on the job at hand.


Electrical contractor software that keeps things flowing in the right direction

Our electrician contractor software is a complete solution to take your projects from start to finish with greater ease. Keep the job on track from the robust project dashboard where you can view project status at a glance, update the visual schedule, sync your calendar, create and assign tasks and more. Streamline your entire process with project management tools that are fully integrated with Houzz Pro’s other powerful features. 


Keep a pulse on every lead

Use our CRM to manage follow-ups, schedule meetings, and share files. Running short on time? Send a quick reply to keep your response rate high. Can't remember who's waiting on who? View your leads dashboard to get a status update on everything outstanding on your end and on the lead's side. With our electrician business software, you'll never drop the ball.

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An electrical contractor software that knows knowledge is power

From marketing to project management, we provide the insights you need to understand and improve your business performance. Understand which projects and people are your most profitable so you can continue to invest there. Quickly spot parts of your workflow that are eating away at your margins. Our analytics are easy to interpret and detailed enough to help you know where everything stands at all times.


Decrease team viscosity, increase collaboration.

With Houzz Pro electrician management software, you can keep your team members and subcontractors up-to-date about project status, their assigned tasks and relevant project details. Invite team members to collaborate through Houzz Pro and watch your productivity soar. Receive daily work status logs from your team. Send messages and collaborate on plans. Now you can do it all from one safe and secure, cloud-backed space.


Keep time & expenses running in parallel

Take the headache out of tracking time and expenses with Houzz Pro electrical contractor job management software. Simply use the stopwatch tool included in our program to set a timer for each new project, activity or employee task. The stopwatch will run in the background and you can even run multiple stopwatches at once. When the work is complete, the time will be automatically logged and able to be easily added later to your invoice.


Get paid faster and on time

Say so long to “old school” methods of invoicing clients and receiving payments, and get paid faster online! You can create branded invoices right within Houzz Pro electrical contractor business management software, then send to clients who can pay instantly by credit card or bank transfer. If you use QuickBooks Online, you can even sync invoicing and payments with our integration feature for faster accounting. To help save you time and increase cash flow, the choice is Houzz Pro.


An electrician software that won't magnetize you to your desk

With the Houzz Pro mobile app you have everything you need to move your business forward - from anywhere. Send messages, assign tasks, invoice clients and more — all from the palm of your hand.


Connect your favorite tools

Houzz Pro integrates with QuickBooks Online, Gmail, Zoom and more so you never have to sacrifice your current ways of working. Our electrical contractor software is built to increase your business' efficiency — not complicate it.

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