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    Make More Money

    Houzz Pro estimates helps electrical contractors earn more revenue.

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    Estimate Faster

    Houzz Pro helps electrical contractors estimate twice as fast or faster.

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    Communicate Better

    Professional electrical estimates drive better client communication.

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Say "hi" to high-speed Takeoffs & Estimates

Our estimating software for electricians was built to take your time back. Watch how easy it is to create precise estimates that can help you win more jobs and protect your bottom line.

Benefits of powerful, accurate Estimates from the get-go

Leave manual takeoffs behind. With our electrical estimating app, you can streamline calculations to remove manual error, reduce change orders and eliminate billing mistakes.


The measure-anything tool of your dreams

Our built-in takeoffs tool* helps you estimate up to 10x faster without printing out a single plan—no calculator required.

• Upload plans or input measurements
• Markup plans on-screen
• Automate complex calculations
• Convert takeoffs into professional estimates
• No extra software download required


Customizable electrical estimating program for a crystal-clear scope

Tune up your estimate engine. Everything in Houzz Pro's electrician quote software is fully customizable. That means less time online and more time on site.

• Add new line items, images or descriptions.
• Reorder columns or rows to your liking
• Insert terms and conditions in a snap
• Attach files, add or hide markups, and more.
• Add memos, payment schedules or request deposits.


Electrical cost estimating that wins the trust of your clients

Use our electrical estimating program to easily create estimates that kick off client trust and help you win more jobs, from the office or the field.

• Preview before you send
• Include professional branding
• Leverage a business-savvy template


Get paid quicker

With our electrician quote software, clients can review and approve estimates online. You can even ask for an e-signature.

• Add a custom message or use an email template
• Send with a click or share with a link
• Track approvals instantly

"The reason I like the Houzz Pro estimate feature is that I can seamlessly send out an estimate without having to use a separate software, and it lets me generate really professional looking estimates twice as fast, which helps me convert leads to projects. I don’t have to re-enter customer information, I don’t have to open up any other software, it’s all there. And the best thing is that it saves everything for me, so if I start and stop, I can easily go back to it."

More automation. Less duplication.

Farewell, errors. See ya, double-entry. Our estimating software for electricians syncs with a lot of the tools you already use so you can skip the extra work and simplify your workflow.


Expert support, built right in.

The Houzz Pro client services team is committed to your success. We understand your business and will help you to get the most out of our electrical estimating software for small contractors. Feel free to chat with us! We offer a lot of ways to connect:


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Specialists on Staff*

Need a walkthrough? No problem, our dedicated customer service reps specialize in getting you set up for success.


Stevie Award Winner

Award-winning customer service is just one reason why pros love Houzz Pro.

Electrical contractors, get ahead with these top 4 tools from Houzz Pro:

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