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We all love our pets, but taking care of man's best friend takes a lot of effort — and a lot of pet supplies. Whether you have a dog, cat, fish or bird, every animal needs a place to sleep, something to eat and toys to play with. Pet accessories like bowls, kennels and litter boxes are just some of the many items they need. Whether you're getting a new pet or buying pet products for an old loved one, here is a checklist for the pet gear you’ll need:

What dog accessories do I need to buy?

Let's start with the basics. First and foremost, dogs need dog food bowls and a water bowl. If you really want to invest in their feeding system, elevated dog feeders are good options. They also need a comfortable dog bed, crate or pet carrier when on-the-go. And don't forget something for them to play with! Fun dog toys include chew toys, fetch toys and squeaky toys — you can’t go wrong with simple tennis balls.

What cat accessories do I need to buy?

On top of a cat bed, cat dish and water bowl, our feline friends also need litter boxes to keep themselves (and your home) clean. Cats enjoy climbing and clawing — a cat tree or kitty condo are popular options. Other great cat products include cat teasers and cat tunnels.

What pet supplies do I need for a fish, bird or other creatures?

Fish, birds and lizards are all pretty simple — all you need are fish bowls, bird cages or a home aquarium to keep them in line. Throw in a few aquarium accessories for the swimmers in your home, and they will be in heaven.

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