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Whether you have a small bathroom or you’d like to free up counter space, a single vanity can be a great option. With a wide selection of sizes, styles and finishes available, you can find a single bathroom vanity to suit just about any space — but where to begin? While you browse for the perfect new addition to your bathroom, allow the following design tips and ideas to guide your search.

Choose a Size that Fits

Single sink vanities come in a number of widths to fit everything from spacious master suites to guest bathrooms alike. You don’t have to miss out on counter space just because you only need one sink. If you want extra room to get ready, opt for a 72- or 60-inch vanity. If you’re furnishing a small to mid-size bathroom, go with a 30- or 48-inch vanity. Whatever size you’re looking for, it’s always a good idea to carefully measure the dimensions of your bathroom before purchasing!

Pick Out a Style and Shape You Love

When picking out a vanity, you’ll often be able to mix and match different bases, countertops and sinks to come away with just the right combination. One of the key differences among vanities is how they’re mounted to the wall, which affects the shape of the vanity base. Freestanding single sink vanities have legs and tend to be more traditional in style, while all-mounted vanities are often used in modern or contemporary bathrooms and are ideal for saving floor space.

Although utilitarian pedestal vanity may be the first thing that pops into your head when you think of a single vanity with a sink, it’s possible to pack a lot more storage and function into this fixture. If you’d like one with drawers, look for one with a cabinet base that’ll keep the rest of your bathroom clutter-free. To ensure you have enough room to do your hair, makeup or daily hygiene routine, make sure you get a single vanity top with at least a few inches of space on either side of the sink.

You’ll also have a variety of vanity sink types to choose from, including vessel, undermount, integrated, console and drop-in configurations. For a bold statement, opt for one with a vessel sink, which looks like a raised bowl atop the counter. If you’re going for a classic look, an undermount sink is an excellent choice.

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