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Bathtubs are really the unsung heroes of every home. The bathtub can be a place to relax and take the day off, the location of a nightly kid-cleaning ritual or a makeshift drying area for fresh laundry. Whatever your bathtime routine means to you, you can shop bathtubs for sale right here on Houzz and find a beautiful, new basin for your bathroom!

How big should my bathtub be?

This all depends on who will be using the tub and what they’ll be using it for. Will you generally be soaking alone or do you need room for two? Do you simply want to get clean or would you prefer a spa-like experience? Will you be bathing children? Your answers will help narrow your search of bathtub sizes. For example, a whirlpool bathtub creates a relaxing retreat of bubbles, but it’ll take up a lot of space whereas a clawfoot tub adds old-world charm but it’s most inconvenient for toddlers.

What types of bathroom tubs are available?

The configuration of your bathroom will likely dictate the type of tub that is going to work best. You’ll want to compare bathtub dimensions with the space you have available before you buy. In general, bathroom tubs are available in the following four styles:

Recessed/Alcove: The most commonly installed type, an alcove bathtub has walls on three sides with only the fourth side finished. These are generally more affordable and easily transformed into a bathtub-shower combo with the addition of a surround or wall kit. Learn more about How to Buy a Bathtub Surround.

Corner: These triangular bathtubs are designed to save space by being installed in a corner area. A corner bathtub comes in several design options, but not all are able to accommodate a shower.

Freestanding: A freestanding tub will provide placement versatility. They are easy to install and don’t require special faucet drilling. Available in different designs, freestanding tubs often come with a sloped back for extra comfort.

Platform/Drop-in: These tubs are dropped into a platform or sunk into the ground and therefore do not have any finished panels. Although It can be placed almost anywhere, installation can be expensive and difficult. If you’re wondering how to clean a bathtub, a drop-in tub is one of the easiest to maintain.

What else should I consider before buying a bathtub?

Try before you buy. Whether it’s a sleek slipper tub or a simple, standard bathtub size, make sure the depth, length and design is comfortable by actually lying down in it. Additionally, check your water heater to ensure it can generate enough hot water to fill the size of your selected piece. Is there someone in the household who is elderly or handicapped? Be sure your new tub is ADA compliant and consider walk-in bathtubs.

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